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Advice Line

Our Advice Line is open to members of the general public wherever they live if they have an enquiry about adopting a child from overseas. The Advice Line is open every weekday from 10.00am to 1.00pm, with “call backs” made by our Advisors up until 4.00pm. We also run frequent Information Sessions for people who are interested in intercountry adoption.

To enquire by Phone: 0208 447 4753

To enquire using our Web Form: Click Here


Subscribing Organisations

If you work for an organisation that subscribes to our services, please use the dedicated contact details which have been provided to your organisation.


Contacts for our Adoption Teams

If you need to book a Preparation Course or contact a specific member of one of our Adoption Teams,

Preparation Course Bookings: 0208 447 4751

Team Administration: 0208 449 2562


Office Information

22 Union Street

Main Office: 0208 449 2562


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