Face to Face Service

IAC understands that for all adoptive parents the tasks associated with parenting a child, particularly from overseas, brings some additional challenges alongside many pleasures. Whilst it is often enough to talk through concerns with family and friends there are occasions when it can be beneficial to seek additional help and guidance.

IAC’s Face to Face after adoption service offers an opportunity to discuss and explore issues with experienced adoption social workers, who are themselves adoptive parents. The service does not offer formal counselling but a space where families can explore issues with a social worker familiar with intercountry adoption. Frequent topics for discussion include settling a child into the family in the early days of placement, exploring adoption with children and answering difficult questions, managing school situations, coping with teenagers, and many more.

All our Face to Face after adoption staff are both experienced social workers and adoptive parents and therefore have first -hand understanding of the challenges that adoptive parenting can bring.

Face to Face after adoption sessions take place in Barnet.  Home based sessions can also be booked. This is a charged service.

You can obtain more information by ringing our Business Support team on 020 8447 4751 or by emailing info@icacentre.org.uk.

For more information about our Virtual Support Services please email Jessica.Spenceley@icacentre.org.uk