Supporting IAC

Based in the UK, IAC is a unique and pioneering adoption agency, committed to linking children from a range of countries and backgrounds with loving families here in the UK. IAC is the only agency in this country that works in partnership with both adoption agencies and government bodies overseas to achieve this goal. In the last 10 years, IAC have placed over 100 children from all over the world with UK-based adoptive families.

Since 2012, the agency’s remit has been expanded to include UK domestic adoption too. We are now able to apply the expertise and experience we’ve acquired through extensive international work to those children from the UK that face the longest waits to be matched with an appropriate adoptive family. These include: children of black, minority ethnic and Asian heritage, children of dual heritage, children with brothers or sisters who need to be placed together, as well as children with special and additional needs. 

It’s easy to take family life for granted, but for children who are not so fortunate IAC’s work provides a crucial lifeline; for the adoptive families that IAC works with, it provides a meaningful pathway to parenthood. Setting up new adoption programmes and supporting those that are already established costs money. IAC cannot operate without the generous support of donors – for both its UK domestic adoption activities and its international adoption programmes. 

Why is funding required?

Fundraising is vitally important to organisations like ours. Without individual and corporate help IAC could not provide the expertise and services, that there is such a pressing international demand for.

IAC’s advice line receives over 1800 calls a year from people who require our specialist advice. This service can only be offered to members of the public for free because of the valuable donations and sponsorship that IAC receives.

The placement of every individual child is a complex and delicate process that represents a great deal of cooperative work on the parts of many experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines. Research suggests that the cost of each adoptive placement, for the duration of their childhood, is in excess of £35,000 in the UK. Special programmes for children overseas, such as IAC’s China Special Needs Programme bring extra dimensions and further costs.

Adoption carries a life-long significance for the children that go through it, and so their families need to know that every support is available to them, should they require it. IAC recognises that the accessibility of support is key in any successful placement. We have provided specialist support to prospective adopters, established adoptive families and to adopted adults, as well as their birth relatives, since 1997. Donations are fundamental to providing effective personalised support for families, and there is currently no government funding for services to support adopted children once they become adults.  

So what can you do to help?

Individual giving is warmly welcomed. This can be a one-off gift, perhaps to honour the services of IAC, or to celebrate a child’s adoption, birthday or christening.   

You could organise a fundraising event or sponsored activity to the agency’s benefit or, if you are a keen runner, you could take part in one of the many national and international marathon events that raise funds for IAC. Each year the agency seeks participants to enter the London Marathon in support of the charity.

You could talk to your employer about IAC and its work, promoting the agency as a charity that welcomes corporate support, whether through donation of services or goods, through sponsorship of our events, website and newsletters, or simply by advertising in event programmes or contributing to the support of a new service.

Online Giving

Gift Aid increases the value of your donations and means that IAC can benefit at no extra cost to you. If you are a UK taxpayer and add Gift Aid whenever you make a donation, IAC can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift which means that for every £10 you donate IAC receives a further £2.50

It is easy to donate on line via or Virgin Money Giving