Welcome to IAC Adopters’ section.

At IAC we know that starting out on the adoption path can seem daunting, and that potential adopters will have concerns and anxieties about what might lie ahead for them. We hope that the following information will dispel some of the worries you may have and will help you learn something of the adoption process while encouraging you to take your next steps with IAC.

As an agency, IAC has many years’ experience in adoption and our professional team include both adoptive parents and adopted people. We regularly work with prospective parents who wish to adopt from either within the UK or from overseas. Each of them started the journey where you are now. Of those that made an application, the great majority fulfilled their wishes to become parents and to offer their home to a child, or children, in need of love and nurturing.

IAC is a specialist intercountry adoption agency and we would welcome enquiries from anyone interested in adopting a child from overseas.  Currently our Domestic recruitment programme is closed unless you have previously adopted through IAC.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Intercountry Adoption

IAC is the specialist centre for prospective adopters who wish to think about adopting from overseas.

UK Domestic Adoption

April 2019 For the foreseeable future, IAC is not recruiting prospective adopters for children within the UK. However, IAC is able to accept applications from families who have already adopted t...