Getting Started with domestic adoption

Getting started on the adoption journey and taking that first step is always the most difficult part. IAC is here to support you both with that first step and as you move forward. The Information Pack for Domestic Adoption outlines the process in depth but you can find a brief outline here.

Most people find that attending an Information Session for Domestic Adoption is a really useful way to start. It gives you the chance to find out more about the children in need of adoption, to hear some real life stories and to find out what the process entails.

Once you have gathered information through the Information sessions it is generally helpful to meet with a social worker for an Initial Interview to help in your decision making. Following this interview, and assuming that there were no contraindications to your eligibility either in the UK, IAC would send you a Registration of Interest Form. The FAQ’s answer some of the questions regarding eligibility.

The Approval

The following is a brief overview. Please refer to the Information Pack for Domestic Adoption for a detailed explanation.

  • Registration of Interest Form accepted by agency
  • Stage One of the Approval Process commences ( normally 2 months)
  • Prospective Adopters attend Preparation Course
  • Prospective Adopters gather information for Adoption Portfolio
  • Agency undertakes all statutory checks on prospective adopters

Stage One review

If all checks satisfactory prospective adopters proceed to:

Stage Two of the Approval Process (normally 4 months)

  • Attendance at additional training( if required)
  • Home Study Assessment with Social Worker
  • Adoption Panel and Recommendation as to suitability
  • Agency Decision Maker approval
  • IAC assists with matching to a child/children through Activity Days, Adopter Links, Consortia Links.
  • Introductions to child/children prior to placement.
  • Adoption Order through the UK Courts
  • Adoption Support from IAC and child’s placing agency.

What people say

“I really couldn’t fault the process and I couldn’t have wished for a more approachable social worker”
“Everything was great at the IAC Panel and they were all very helpful and very professional. It was good experience for us.”