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IAC - The Centre for Adoption announce appointment of Satwinder Sandhu as new CEO

IAC are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Satwinder Sandhu, with effect from 2nd January 2019. He will work alongside founder and current Chief Executive, Gill Haworth, for three months to ensure a smooth transition. This follows a long recruitment campaign headed by Gatenby Sanderson. Satwinder comes with an extensive background in adoption and fostering work as a social worker and leader, having worked across the public, independent and third sectors for over twenty three years. This includes managing and developing intercountry adoption services as well as support services for adopters.


IAC launches new Medical and Development Assessment Form

Following research undertaken in 2015/2016 by Dr Mary Mather and Dr Natalia Bell, Medical Advisors to IAC, on the quality of adoption medical reports submitted to IAC by agencies overseas, a new and comprehensive Medical and Developmental Assessment form for use by families adopting children from overseas has now been developed. The new form is available without charge to all prospective adopters working with IAC from the assessment and post approval teams, and to Local Authority who subscribe to IAC through the Subscriber Gateway. The form comes in two formats – a PDF which can be printed and filled in by hand, and a downloadable form which can be completed on screen. Local Authorities who do not subscribe to IAC services may purchase the form at a cost of £50.


London Marathon April 2018

Now is your chance to turn 2018 into a fulfilling and life-changing year. We have a unique opportunity for you to take part in the Virgin 2018 London Marathon. IAC is seeking 7 volunteers to run the London Marathon on our behalf and raise funds to help find loving families for disadvantaged children overseas and for those awaiting adoption in the UK.


Launch of Intercountry Regional Adoption Agency

IAC announces the launch of a regional adoption agency for intercountry adoption as of 1st November 2017.

Domestic Adoption

IAC is the largest intercountry adoption centre in the UK. Since 2012 it has brought this expertise to UK domestic adoption as well.