News and events


Launch of Intercountry Regional Adoption Agency

IAC announces the launch of a regional adoption agency for intercountry adoption as of 1st November 2017.


Adoption Support Workshops

Adoption Support Workshops are open to all families being assessed by IAC in Stage Two of the approval process, all IAC approved families and adopters.

Young Person's Guide to Adoption Support

Earlier this year IAC published a Young Person's Guide to Adoption Support, aimed at the 10 plus age group who have been adopted, either domestically or through an intercountry adoption route. Its a small booklet that answers some of the questions that teenagers might ask as they grow up and also gives them information about who they can talk to if they have other questions beyond those that a parent or parents can answer. Ideally it is helpful if a parent and young person look at the guide together. This is a companion piece to the Children's Guide to Adoption Support for younger readers so if you have a child who is 10 plus please click on READ MORE to download a copy.

Domestic Adoption

IAC is the largest intercountry adoption centre in the UK. Since 2012 it has brought this expertise to UK domestic adoption as well.