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London Marathon April 2018

Whether these children are living in institutions or in foster care they are waiting for a family to belong to – something that we all cherish so dearly.

The charity is a registered adoption agency providing a number of services to families wanting to adopt. We work in both intercountry and domestic adoption. In the UK we collaborate with local authorities to find families for children in their care for whom the plan is adoption. In intercountry adoption we work with government bodies and registered overseas agencies in order to find a home in the UK for so many disadvantaged children. We also provide advice and support to the adoptive family throughout their entire process, from the beginning until a child is placed in their care and thereafter, should it be needed, as the child grows up.

To date, we have placed 136 children with approaching 125 families, including 8 children with special needs under the China Special Needs adoption programme which we offer on behalf of the whole of Great Britain and the Isle of Man and have placed 33 children with 29 families in domestic adoption. Children have been placed singly and as sibling groups of two or three.

Now this is where your help is needed! Have you applied for a place to run the London Marathon in the ballot and been unsuccessful? Do you know someone who is in this position? Do you know anyone else would love to have the opportunity to take part?

If this is of interest and you have not yet started training we can provide you with training tips that the Marathon organisers have put together and also those which our past runners have found have worked for them.

IAC has 7 places up for grabs for those who wish to run in the 2018 London Marathon and help in our efforts to break our fund-raising record of £14,000.

A £275 deposit will be required when confirming your place. The target we ask runners to aim for is £2000, including Gift Aid. Whilst that might seem daunting, our experience is that most of our runners achieve that, sometimes assisted by matched funding from their employers and through other innovative ways of achieving sponsorship. The deposit can go towards your final fundraising amount if you are unable to reach the minimum £2000 target.

The Marathon will take place on the Sunday 22nd April 2018 and is open to anyone over the age of 18.

If you are interested in running with us please do not hesitate to contact me asap but no later than Friday 12th January 2018: Claire Palmer on 020 8449 2562 or email me at:

Alternatively if you know of anyone who would like to run for us, please forward this onto them, asking them to contact me.

This really could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not only to achieve something truly heroic, but also to help radically change a child’s life for the better.

 With best wishes

 Claire Palmer

IAC Marathon Co-ordinator