Adoption Support

Virtual Adoption Support Groups & Workshops

Although we are not able to run face to face workshops at present we are able to offer the following Virtual Adoption Support Sessions:

Healthy Partnership, Healthy Family Workshop

Creating a family through adoption is a wonderful experience and through a child joining your family, new relationships are made and new dreams are formed.  Alongside this, having a child naturally puts stress onto the relationship you share with your partner.  Through attending this workshop, you will learn techniques to maintain the quality of your relationship and further equip yourself for parenthood.  The workshop will focus upon:

  • Supporting the foundation of your partnership
  • Strengthening your friendship
  • Managing conflict
  • Creating share meaning within your family

We welcome all our couples to this workshop, especially couples who are approved  and waiting for a match.
The next workshop will take place online on DATE TBC from 10am to 1pm.  To reserve a place, please email: 


Talking to Your Child about Adoption

This workshop will explore the complex area of discussing adoption with your child, including the words that you might use and how you might talk to your child so that they understand this important part of their story.  During the workshop, we will discuss:

  • The ages and stages of a child's level of understanding around adoption
  • Finding helpful words around "telling"
  • Considering the challenges you and your child might face
  • Helping to build your confidence

This will be a useful workshop space for parents who are building the foundations of their child's life story work as well as for parents who are progressing onto the more sensitive part of their child's early history.  The next workshop will take place on Tuesday 13 July 2021 from 10am to 1pm.

To reserve a place, please email 


Creating Life Story Books Webinar

Our lives are a collection of stories and for adopted children, some of those stories are lost, confusing and painful.  Adopted children often struggle to make sense of what has happened in their lives and why, and as parents, we sometimes struggle to find the right words to explain the most sensitive parts of our child's history.  One of the most powerful tools to help children understand concepts and ideas is through the use of stories and there is no story more powerful than your child's own.  Life story books are a helpful tool to support your child's understanding of where they came from, where they are today and what may be possible in the future.  The workshop will focus on:

  • Making a life story book
  • Telling your child's story
  • Using a life story book

Our next webinar will be on Wednesday 20 October 2021 from 10am to 1pm via Zoom.  To attend, please contact us at if you would like to book a place.

Adoption and Schools in the Time of COVID-19

* Postponed - this session will be re-scheduled once children are back in school *

Adoptive Parenting Support Groups 

Along the parenting journey, having additional support can be invaluable, especially at the moment when we are already navigating so much uncertainty. We invite IAC parents to join us to connect with other adopters, share your experiences and to gain support with the range of issues that you might be experiencing.

The following groups flow from IAC's workshops and are intended to be an additional space for adopters to come together to create connections, while integrating workshop material:

Strengthening Partnerships (follow on from Healthy Partnership, Healthy Family)

Date:  Thursday 6 May
Time:  10am to 11.30am

Our group will focus on how participants are doing in their partner relationships, and how they are implementing some of the strategies talked about in our Healthy Partnership, Healthy Family workshop.  The areas of how to increase the level of friendship in your relationship and how to manage moments of conflict will be featured topics of conversation, as these are areas we can always do with learning more about.  All relationships have their patterns, and our group will support learning around how to make your relationship stronger and ultimately more satisfying.  We will be encouraging adopters to share what has been helpful for them, and how they have been able to strengthen their own partnership foundation.  Remember, the healthier your partnership, the healthier your family will be!

Adoption Conversations (follow on from Talking to Your Child about Adoption)

Date:  Wednesday 8 September
Time:  10am to 11.30am

Our Adoption Conversations group will be a space where you may gain support with some of the trickier questions and topics that have been coming up in your family around your child’s adoption.  Having the help and encouragement of other parents who know what you are going through and who have been there themselves can be hugely helpful as you navigate the area of your child’s life story.  This group will be a useful space for parents to gain the practical and emotional support they need, as they navigate their child’s healing journey. 

Life Story Books (follow on from Creating Life Story Books)

Date:  Thursday 18th November
Time: 10am – 11:30am

Whether parents have a completed life story book for their child or are in the process of creating one, this group will be a great space to talk about how to use a life story book as a tool to support their child’s wellbeing.  Often, parents may feel uncertain around how to frame parts of their child’s book, or how to actually use it in a meaningful way once it’s all finalised.  Our group will cover both of these topics and more, and parents will be encouraged to share the challenges they have faced in using the book, as well as what has been helpful for their child.  Our time together will ensure that you are able to gain the advice, guidance, and support you need as you use this invaluable tool to help your child. 

If you are interested in joining any of the above groups please contact for joining details.

African Adoption Support Group

The African Adoption Support Group is a UK-based support group founded in November 2018 by parents with experience of intercountry adoption from Africa. The group welcomes to its meetings prospective adopters who are considering adopting a child from Africa, those undergoing the adoption process, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees who can share their experience. 

The meeting is an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, find and give support, and just unwind.  We are growing as a group and look forward to welcoming new attendees on the day. 

The group’s last session was very well attended, and the feedback from parents was really positive. Parents shared how being together in community helped them to get the advice and guidance they need and that overall, they felt more supported on their adoption journey. While the group is hosted by IAC, it is very much a space for parents and prospective parents of children adopted from Africa to come together, chat, ask questions, share, and support one another.

The support group will take place from 12pm to 2pm:

  • 27 February
  • 17 April
  • 17 July
  • 16 October
  • 4 December

If you would like to attend, please confirm your attendance via email at  The Zoom link that you will need on the day to join will be sent to you via email.  We look forward to seeing you then!


Virtual Coffee Mornings for Waiting intercountry Adopters

Having a sense of community with people who understand what you are going through can make all the difference in the adoption process, especially when you are waiting for a child to join your family. The waiting involved is tough, and given the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have a lot of worries and anxieties, especially around how this may impact your adoption. You aren’t alone, and many prospective parents are feeling exactly the same way. The virtual space of the Coffee Mornings may give you an opportunity to connect, share, and hopefully feel more supported by people going through a similar experience.

Coffee Mornings are hosted by Jessica Spenceley, our lead on Adoption Support, as well as a member of the Post-Approval Team, and together, they will be able to provide support around the questions and uncertainties you may have. We warmly welcome you to our upcoming Coffee Mornings, which are scheduled to take place from 10am to 11.30am on:

  • 11 February
  • 11 March
  • 15 April
  • 13 May
  •   3 June
  • 15 July
  •   9 September
  • 14 October
  • 11 November
  •   9 December

If you are able to make it, please RSVP to with your preferred date and details for the Zoom meeting will be sent. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming sessions!


Consultation Service

Our Consultation Service provides you with the opportunity to explore a range of issues you may be experiencing, like those around life story work, loss and grief, identity, family relationships, handling emotions, and managing the impact of the pandemic. The service has been thriving, and families have expressed how useful these sessions have been, especially around the area of life story work. Consultation sessions are relaxed, yet informative, and they generally last about an hour. Importantly, they are also free for our families.

If you would like to gain more information about our consultations or to book a session, please contact us at


All parents need support from time to time
and we offer it whenever it is needed. 
Adoption is for life. So is our support.