Research & Practice

Research at IAC is an essential part of how we review and learn from the children and families with whom we work.  We want to ensure that our services continue to evolve and that they are informed by a strong evidence base where possible.  IAC participates in numerous conferences where we are able to share our expertise and also learn from others.  We have also undertaken our own research and work with a Research and Training Consultant, Jan Way, who has a long standing career in adoption work and at IAC.

In 2017, IAC published The quality of medical information given to prospective intercountry adopters in England following research undertaken by Jan Way, Gill Haworth and our Agency Medical Advisors, Dr. Mary Mather and Dr. Natalia Bell.  This was presented to the International Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR6) in Montreal, 2018.

The learning from this research was directly applied to our work and we devised a new Intercountry Adoption Health Assessment Form for use by all UK Adoption Agencies when adopters are being matched with a child from abroad.

In 2021, IAC presented a poster Parent perceptions on children's progress & agency service/support at the International Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR7) in Milan.  This was produced after Dr. Mary Mather and Jan Way undertook a research project to ascertain how children were progressing post adoption.

Also still to come in 2021 we are continuing to host workshops for CVAA as part of their Practice Programme.  Topics include:

This September we shall also be presenting at the 16th Philippine Global Consultation on Child Welfare Services hosted by ICAB.