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Why Donations Matter

We have one request and that is for you to donate today.  IAC is a charity and therefore not-for-profit.  Our registered charity number is: 1067313. All donations given to IAC are collected by the Gill Haworth Foundation, which was established in 2019 in honour of our founder, Gill Haworth OBE, following her retirement.  The foundation helps us to support children and young people for life as well as our most vulnerable families. Give today.  Every penny counts and will make a difference. 

Many people connected to adoption through family and friends chose to remember us in a will.  Legacy donations are a simple and impactful way to support the work of IAC, particularly if your own family has been touched by adoption.  If you are thinking of making or updating your will please contact our CEO who can help advise the best way to support IAC:

If you shop at Amazon you can give without even trying. Simply log in via instead of the app or regular site.  It's still Amazon but once you select Intercountry Adoption Centre as your preferred charity we get a small donation every time you buy something.  It is that simple!

Follow our Social Media for updates via Twitter @AdoptAbroad and Facebook @IACAdoption to find out more about what we do and the importance of our work.

IAC is a member of the National Adopter Recruitment Steering Group helping to find more families for children in the UK.  We take our commitment to all children who need adoption seriously and many families each year adopt in the UK.

The Importance of Adoption 

Unicef estimate that there are over 140 million orphans worldwide, and that over 15 million have lost both parents.  Many of these children are being raised in orphanages where their needs cannot be met and they may remain at risk of exploitation or abuse. We believe in adoption as life changing, as do Unicef, when it is legally regulated and compliant with high standards of child protection.  Most importantly adoption should be in the best interests of the child concerned, where their human rights are upheld.  This is really important as there have been many cases of child exploitation linked to adoption, so IAC and the UK government work continuously to ensure any child we work with is truly a child in need of adoption.  There are also over 3000 children in England waiting for adoption today.

Based in the UK, IAC is a unique, pioneering children's charity delivering adoption services.  We are committed to placing children for adoption, from a range of countries and backgrounds, with loving families here in the UK. IAC is the only adoption agency in this country that works in partnership with both adoption agencies and government bodies abroad to achieve this goal. We have supported families since 1997 and placed children directly since 2009, since when we have placed over 400 children for adoption from all over the world, including 60 from the UK.  

Why Children Need Adoption

Adoption transforms the lives of vulnerable children who do not have parents or adults who can raise them safely in a family setting.  We work with the world's most vulnerable children.  All of our children will have experienced separation, trauma and loss.  Sadly many will have experienced abuse too and other hardships. In essence they will have had the most difficult start to life possible, and now face the enormous task of moving to live with a new family, learn new languages and hopefully go on to attach and bond with their new parents.  

It is easy to take family life for granted, but for children who are not so fortunate IAC’s work provides a crucial lifeline.  In some cases it really is a matter of life or death. For our adoptive families that we work with, our work provides a meaningful pathway to parenthood. 

At present there is no government funding at all for intercountry adoption so anyone helping change the life chances of a vulnerable child is required to pay for the service.  Furthermore, the majority of IAC's adopters are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds and often on low incomes.  They just want to give something back to their country of heritage and change a child's life.  Some need to adopt a family member who is in need following a tragedy.  We have to charge our prospective adopters to deliver services to legally screen, prepare and approve them to adopt but we believe as a charity that our essential support services should be at low or no cost, and that these should be available for life, for any adoptee.

Listen here to our CEO being interviewed by The Adoption & Fostering Podcast where he discusses our work and the importance of adoption for the lives of vulnerable children across the world.

Why is funding essential?

Fundraising is vitally important to charities like ours as the costs to deliver our services grow, due to the regulations that govern the delivery of adoption services.  We strive to keep our overheads as a charity as low as possible to ensure our funds go directly to deliver services that our children and families need for adoption support. We know that adopted children and young people have life-long needs and we therefore always want to be here to support anyone who needs us, at any stage of life. Some of these services we can deliver ourselves and others we source from experts in the adoption field.

The adoption of every individual child is a complex and sensitive process that represents a great deal of expertise and work on the parts of many experienced professionals. Research shows that the cost of each child's adoption, for the duration of their childhood, is in excess of £35,000 in the UK and the costs are comparable to intercountry adoptions.  However, adoption support costs can be many times that figure, depending upon the needs of the child and the complexities involved. 

Adoption carries a life-long significance for the children that are affected by it, and so their families need to know that every support is available to them, should they require it. IAC recognises that the accessibility of support is key in any successful adoption being sustained. We provide specialist support to prospective adopters, established adoptive families and to adopted adults, as well as their birth relatives. Adoption is for life and our commitment to our children and families is lifelong. Therefore, donations are fundamental to providing effective personalised support for children, families and adults.

So what can you do to help?

Individual giving is warmly welcomed. This can be a one-off gift, perhaps to honour the services of IAC, or to celebrate a child’s adoption, birthday or milestone. You may choose to sponsor a family to support them with the costs of intercountry adoption and beyond.

You could organise a fundraising event or sponsored activity to the charity’s benefit or, if you are a keen runner, you could take part in one of the many national and international marathon events and raise funds for IAC. Each year we also have runners enter the London Marathon in support of the charity.

You could also talk to your employer about IAC and our work, promoting us as a charity that welcomes corporate support, whether through donation of services or goods, through sponsorship of our events, website and newsletters, or simply by advertising in event programmes or contributing to the support of a new service.

  • £50 allows us to fund a family attending our Family Fun Day 
  • £100 allows us to deliver a therapy session for a child and discuss outcomes with parents 
  • £500 allows us to fund a series of workshops to help a child understand their Life Story
  • £1000 allows us to develop webinar based Support Groups for parents or adoptees
  • £1500 allows us to fund activity based therapy for teenagers
  • £5000 allows us to fund a family to attend an 18 week Parenting Course

How We Spent Our Income Last Year

Every penny really does count and goes towards us being able to support the world’s most vulnerable children to thrive.  Help us to change a child's life and really make a difference.  Please donate whatever you can here.