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These Children Are Waiting, Why Are You?

These Children Are Waiting, Why Are You? is a new campaign by voluntary adoption agencies across the UK who have joined forces to highlight the fact that children who continue to wait the longest for an adoptive family are older, brothers and sisters, of black and minority ethnic heritage and those with additional needs.


Continuing Impact of Covid-19

With the UK back in lockdown and ongoing travel restrictions across the globe IAC is working hard to minimise disruption for our children and families. Our CEO, Satwinder Sandhu, talks here about what we are doing to support those applying to adopt and those waiting for a match.


New Booklet for International Kinship Carers Launched

IAC's Outbound Permanence Advice Service has launched a new booklet to help international kinship carers prepare themselves, and their children better, for moves that involve a child moving abroad from the UK to live with family members.


When is National Adoption Month in the USA?

Every year, November is recognised as National Adoption Month in the USA. Find out more about how adoption is recognised during the month and how it originated.

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