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Adopting A Child From Abroad

Family is not connected by genes but by unconditional love. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that people are unable to travel at present, the focus on family has meant higher numbers of people considering adoption than ever before.  At IAC - The Centre For Adoption, we know that adoption is a brilliant way to bring a child into your family, and there are many additional benefits of doing so. Millions of babies and young children worldwide are in constant search for their forever home, so why not consider an intercountry adoption? Read our blog which tells you all you need to know about adopting a baby or child from abroad.

What is intercountry adoption?

Intercountry adoption is a type of adoption, in which either an individual or couple becomes the legal parents of a child who is a national of a country overseas. There are young children and babies all over the world that are in desperate need of a loving and accepting home, which is why intercountry adoption is so important. At IAC, we are happy to help and support hundreds of families each year, get started on their very own intercountry adoption journey. 

What are the requirements?

In being able to adopt any child from abroad, prospective adopters need to be approved as suitable in the UK and then have their application processed by the country whose nationality the child holds. You may find that the requirements in countries abroad can be different than those in the UK. The process to get approved is an important one, and as such takes a minimum of a year to finalise. Waiting times from that point vary and are dependent on the country of choice. To be eligible to adopt from abroad, you must first meet the following UK requirements:

  • Over 21 years of age
  • Habitually resident in the UK
  • Not been found guilty of a prescribed offence

Other countries have their own adoption criteria, which can vary across the world. Get in contact with the team on our IAC Advice Line to discuss individual countries.

Why should you adopt a child from overseas?

Adopting a child from abroad is a beautiful way to expand your family and create an everlasting love between parent and child. Although the intercountry adoption process can take a little longer than domestic adoption in the UK, there are a number of benefits to both the adoptee and the child involved. With an estimated 140 million orphans worldwide, you're almost sure to find a child for your family once you have been approved suitable for adoption. Furthermore, by adopting overseas you are giving the child a forever loving home, which may not have been possible for them to find in their home country. Take a look at some of our Intercountry Adoption Stories to get an insight into how overseas adoption can be such a life-changing experience for our families.

Want to find out more about adopting a child from abroad? Take a look at our Intercountry Adoption page, or get in touch with a member of the IAC team today.