IAC has always offered a service to professionals working within the field of adoption.  We offer a range of services, from Subscriber Services which provide access to the Advice Line and courses for prospective adopters, to a full Service Level Agreement where the agency undertakes the adopter assessment and support work with prospective adopters from enquiry through until placement and beyond. Over 115 Local Authorities or RAAs currently subscribe to IAC,either for subscription services or for Service Level Agreements across England & Wales, making IAC the preferred provider for intercountry adoption services.  In 2019 we were responsible for 85% of all intercountry adoption approvals in England alone.

Service Level Agreements

In a busy Local Authority or RAA, intercountry adoption can be complex and challenging to manage. Service Level Agreements allow for IAC to undertake Intercountry adoption work on your behalf.

Subscription Service Agreements

Subscription Service Agreements allow access to our Advice Line and Preparation Courses to your residents, as well as enhanced services for professionals still undertaking intercountry adoption work.

Consultation and Training

IAC offers a range of consultation services as well as expert training events for professionals in the sector to share our expertise. This includes bespoke seminars and courses on request, in person o...

Outbound Permanence Service

IAC advises Local Authorities who are seeking to place Looked After children with family members or “connected people” in countries abroad, permanently.

Local Authorities

IAC provides end to end support for local authorities and regional adoption agencies in the UK. We help with intercountry assessments and adoption services through our inbound services level agreement...

Social Workers

If you are a social worker looking for support with international adoption, IAC can help provide the support you need. As a leading intercountry adoption agency, we support social workers in need of a...


IAC offers legal and social work information, resources, and detailed guidance on subscribing to local authorities’ legal teams in relation to both its Outbound and Inbound services. We also offer tra...