Charity Delivery Partners

IAC is the lead adoption agency in the Intercountry Adoption Regional Adoption Agency and currently works in partnership with three charities who run adoption agency services in the north west and north east of England. These are:

•    Adoption Matters (North West) 
•    Nugent Adoption (North West)
•    ARC Adoption North East (North East)

Services to prospective adopters in these regions will be offered through the partnership arrangement with IAC as the lead and responsible agency for the case. Certain services are offered at IAC in Barnet, specifically:

•    Advice Line
•    Information Session
•    Stage One services including preparation
•    Adoption Panel
•    Post Approval support
•    Adoption Support

Other services will be offered more locally through the partner agency including

•    Initial Interview
•    Stage One review
•    Stage Two assessment
•    Annual Review
•    Work at the time a match is proposed
•    Post Placement/Adoption Reports to country
•    Adoption Support

We work closely together to offer a seamless service to prospective, waiting and existing adopters in these regions.

                              The Intercountry Regional Adoption Agency working in partnership with: