IAC runs a range of workshops to support prospective adopters at all stages of the process.

Preparation Courses Pre-Adoption

As part of Stage One of the Approval Process prospective adoptive parents are required to attend a preparation course. The course runs over three days and offers the chance to explore in depth the rewards and challenges involved in parenting an adopted child in the UK.  Most people will already have completed the Intercountry Adoption Preparation Course.

“I think IAC have a really important role in improving the 'mythbusting' world of adoption”
“It was fantastically useful”
“So glad I came to the course. I feel much better prepared”
“The facilitators years of practical experience lent a very useful dose of reality to the experience”

Additional Preparation Modules

  • Parenting a Child Across Racial and Ethnic Boundaries. This half day course is for prospective adoptive parents seeking to adopt a child who is racially or ethnically different from themselves.
  • Adopting Siblings. A full day course for prospective adopters wishing to adopt siblings.
  • Blended Families. A half day course for prospective adopters who already have birth children.

Workshops Following Approval

IAC runs Adoption Support Workshops throughout the year on such topics as Exploring Adoption with Children, Life Story Work, Building Attachment through Play, Paediatric First Aid, Making Chatter Matter, Adoption and Schools and Adoption and the Teenage years amongst others.  We believe that learning is lifelong and therefore as an IAC family you will be invited to events and workshops on an ongoing basis, to attend when helpful.

“Being given examples of theraplay games was very useful. Group discussion was helpful. I found the video about the treasure basket very useful! Great material to take home!”
“I thought this was the best adoption session I have attended”