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Important Notice for Intercountry Adopters and Adult Intercountry Adoptees

Her Majesty’s Passport Office and the wider Home Office since February 2015 has taken a firmer line in its implementation of regulations on a single name for all official purposes. This means that they require the person named in the passport application to have conformity of name in other official documents prior to a British Passport being issued or renewed. This has particular relevance to children adopted from overseas, many of whom will hold documentation in one name by which they are legally known in their country of origin and an adoptive name in the UK which differs to this in whole or in part. HM Passport Office may refuse to issue, or to renew a British passport for a child adopted from overseas when the name does not align between the foreign and UK passport.


Children's Guide to Adoption Support

IAC has reprinted and updated our Children's Guide to Adoption Support. This is a colourful little booklet which adoptive parents can look at with their children to help families think about adoption and some of the questions that children might have about being adopted as they grow up. It also lists places that families and children can go to ask for help or advice.

IAC launches new programme with South Africa

IAC are delighted to announce the launch of a new special programme with South Africa following the signing of a working agreement with Child Welfare Durban and District, a non profit child welfare organisation in South Africa. The working agreement is endorsed by the Central Authorities of both the UK and South Africa and will allow IAC and CWDD to work together cooperatively to place children from South Africa with prospective adopters in the UK. Further information will be posted at a later stage on the website but if you would like to know more about the programme please contact the Advice Line through Contact Us for an Information Pack.


Regionalising Adoption

We are delighted that IAC has been awarded a government grant to research the possibility of adoption agencies coming together to provide one intercountry adoption service for the whole of England. This will be concerned with the needs of children waiting overseas for a family through intercountry adoption and looked after children who leave the England to go to live permanently with relatives abroad.

Domestic Adoption

IAC is the largest intercountry adoption centre in the UK. Since 2012 it has brought this expertise to UK domestic adoption as well.